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17 Must-Have Cruise Items Under $20

Headed out on a cruise soon? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite cruise items that can make your trip more comfortable, more memorable, or just plain more fun. And because we know that you want to save all you can for umbrella drinks, every item we’ve listed below is less than $20.

So get ready to shop guilt-free with these items that you’ll want for your next cruise…

Anti-Slip Lightweight Sandals


Walking around the pool area can be tricky. With the wind and wet deck, you have to be careful. That’s why we like this pair of fun (and cheap) sandals to keep you from slipping whether on the ship or on shore. $10 on Amazon

Sterling Silver Anchor Earrings

Anchor earrings

Sure, you don’t have to have them to cruise. But we think these earrings are too cute… and they only cost $15 on Amazon.

Anchor Headband

anchor headband

Great for hanging out by the pool! This headband will keep your hair from blowing in your face as you get some sun. It’s also super stylish and would go with any swimsuit. $4 on Etsy

Secret Alcohol Flasks

Hidden flasks

Most people buy drinks on a cruise, but let’s be real. The prices are high and the costs add up fast. That’s why we like these containers for your booze. They allow you to carry it on in secret, since they look like regular lotion bottles. $8 on Amazon

SPF 45 Sunscreen


You may not realize how powerful the Caribbean sun is until it’s too late. That’s why you should pack plenty of sunscreen. Amazon offers up cheap sunscreen, but you can also find deals at your local supermarket.

3 Outlet Adapter (With USB)

Outlet adapter

iPhones, iPads, fans, hair straighteners, nightlights… the list of things you’ll want to plug in goes on and on. Unfortunately, plug space is at a premium. We recommend bringing an adapter like this one, which also has USB ports for charging gadgets. $16 on Amazon

Don’t Need Therapy Shirt

Dont need therapy shirt

Let’s be honest, the best shrink can’t do what 7 days on the open water can do for your soul. This shirt isn’t just fun… it’s true. $20 on Amazon (Comes in several colors)

Mesh Sand-Free Bag

Sand-free mesh bag

If you’re headed to the beach, then take this bag. Large enough to carry towels, a change of clothes, and toys, it’s also made of a mesh that will keep the sand from piling up in your stuff. $9 on Amazon

Silver Anchor Necklace

Anchor necklace

A cute fashion accessory to wear on formal night (or any other night). The pendant is delicate and small, so it won’t be gaudy, but a classy addition to your outfit. $20 on Etsy

Waterproof Phone/Money Pouch

Waterproof bag

If you’re worried about what to do with your valuables while you swim, grab a couple of these pouches. Put your valuables in them, seal them up, and strap them on your waste. Now you can get in the water without worrying about leaving your phone/money on shore. $16 on Amazon (2 pack)

Canvas Tote Bag

Canvas tote bag

Perfect as your carry-on for the cruise, or to haul around souvenirs when in port. This oversized bag has room for everything, while also looking totally stylish. $19 on Amazon

Keep Calm Cruise Shirt

Keep calm cruise shirt

To all those people stressing excited their cruise, this shirt is for you. Enjoy the sun, the sea, and the sand. Keep calm. Yeah, right! $17 on Amazon

Rather Be Cruising Car Window Decal

Rather be cruising decal

Show your love for the ship with this awesome decal. Put it on the back of your car and watch everyone else drool with envy. $8 on Etsy

CamelBak Water Bottle

Water bottle

Stop paying a ton to buy bottled water on shore. Get filled up on the ship with water (or any other beverage) and stay hydrated no matter where you go. $14 on Amazon

Wide-brimmed Hat

Wide hat

The best way to treat sunburn? Avoid it all together. We highly suggest bringing a wide-brimmed hat to keep the sun off your face and neck. There are tons of styles available out there. We liked this one because it’s $18 and gets great reviews on Amazon.

Towel Clips

Towel clips

First-time cruisers are always surprised at how strong the wind is on a ship. But remember, you are sailing at close to 25 mph! Towel clips like these help keep your towel attached to your chair so you don’t have to battle the constant wind flipping it. $8 on Amazon

Portable Fan

Portable Fan

There is no fan in your room. So if you want air to circulate, you either need to bring your own or open your cabin door. We prefer to bring a portable one to help us sleep more soundly. $20 on Amazon

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