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Broken Toilets Plague Crown Princess

Just in case you thought only Carnival saw problems with its cruise ships…

According to the Houston Chronicle, Princess Cruise Lines’ Crown Princess ship had to return to Galveston after three days because the toilets in more than 400 staterooms stopped working.

“What was supposed to be a relaxing vacation turned into a soggy, stopped-up mess for Fonda Boyd, 44, of Dallas and several of her friends.

They reported foul odors, long lines for public bathrooms and flooded rooms for up to three days.

‘I had the expectation of being able to totally relax and be carefree, but they really messed it up for me,” Boyd said. “It was a big inconvenience.'”

What most people may not know, however, is that Princess is actually owned by Carnival. So this represents another black eye for the company.

And according to the Chronicle story, while there were public restrooms still available, the affected passengers were given just $50 each for their trouble.

That’s not exactly how you win over customers…

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