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Buying Guide: The Best Deal in Galveston Cruising

In just a moment, we’ll show you how to find the best price for any cruise you take from the Port of Galveston or the Bayport Terminal. This includes the best websites to search for your cruise and common discounts that are often overlooked.

 First, we want to tell you about what we call the “Best Deal in Cruising.” It’s a way to essentially get twice as many nights on your trip for the same price as a 7-day trip.

There’s only one catch — you have to be extremely flexible in your travel, and a little adventurous.

They’re called repositioning cruises.

You see, most of the ships that sail from Galveston and Houston aren’t here year-round. During the spring, many of these ships reposition to Europe for the summer. These are one-way trips that usually last for 14 or 15 nights.

And these cruises are dirt-cheap.

Royal Caribbean offers a repositioning cruise in April that departs Galveston, with stops in Nassau, Bahamas; Funchal, Portugal; Gibraltar, United Kingdom; Alicante, Spain; and Barcelona, Spain.

The entire trip takes 15 nights and offers the same amenities — including dining and entertainment options — as your traditional Caribbean cruise.

For an inside stateroom, the price is only $549 per person. That’s just $37 a night. And you can get a suite onboard for as little as $1,499!

Compare that to a 7-night Caribbean sailing aboard Royal Caribbean. Depending on the dates and itineraries, these run about $539 for an inside stateroom and $1,800 for a suite… and these cruises last only half as long.

Now, keep in mind that the ship can only offer one repositioning itinerary a year, and you have to arrange your own transportation back to the United States. But if you have the flexibility to take this trip, it’s the best deal we’ve found for Galveston cruises.

We know that this cheap option won’t be for everyone. Don’t worry. In the next section of our buying guide we’ll show you how to find the best deal on any cruise you want to book, no matter where it sails.

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