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Buying Guide: The Biggest Factor in How Much You’ll Pay for a Cruise

So you’re looking for a Galveston or Houston cruise but don’t want to spend too much. Well, there is one item above all else that is the driving factor in how much you end up spending… when you want to travel.

Galveston cruises sail to a number of places — from Europe to the Caribbean — but what you pay can vary dramatically, just based on time of year.

Remember, fares are all about supply and demand, and cruise lines have their schedule down to a science. If a particular date is popular, then you will pay higher prices no matter what.

So what are the best months to find low fares from Galveston? Surprise: It’s when most people can’t leave to go on a vacation. The basic rule of thumb is if the kids are in school, then the fare is cheaper.

That means if you want the cheapest cruises out of Galveston, you should travel from late January through mid-May or September through mid-December.

The peak prices are found during mid-March (Spring Break), around the holidays, and during the summer.

For instance, a recent price check of a 7-night sailing on Carnival to the western Caribbean found a cost $469 per person for an inside stateroom if you leave during early March. The same exact itinerary and room costs $1,009 — more than twice as much — if you leave mid-July.

That brings us to our next tip for finding cheap Galveston cruises:

To find the cheapest fares, be flexible with your travel dates.

There’s no argument, the more flexible you are with your travel dates, the less you will pay. (If you aren’t flexible with your dates, don’t worry. We have some tips for you later in this guide).

It seems almost surreal, but a difference of just a few weeks can mean hundreds of dollars in fare. Let’s go back to our Carnival example.

That 7-day cruise to the western Caribbean costs $469 for an inside stateroom if you leave on March 3. The next cruise with that same itinerary — leaving March 24 — is during the height of Spring Break. That same room costs $639 just three weeks later!

Of course, not everyone can be flexible with their travel dates. Some people have to travel on certain dates, whether it be because of work, school, or kids.

But if you want the best deal, then you should be able to adjust when you travel based on the prices available.

Up next, we’ll tell you about the flat-out best deal we’ve ever found for Galveston cruises. It’s a secret that can mean getting twice as many nights for the same price of a “traditional” cruise.

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