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Buying Guide: How to Find Cheap Galveston Cruises

If you want the absolute rock-bottom fare for Galveston or Houston cruises, we’re about to show you how. The next few pages will take you though the buying process, tell you when to buy, and even tell you about discounts you might be eligible to receive.

Let’s start off with how to make sure you’re getting the lowest rate. In order to find the lowest fare, you have to shop around.

 The best news? Thanks to the Internet, it has never been easier. There are dozens of websites that cater to finding the lowest prices. In fact, there are so many options that it can be a little overwhelming.

To make things easier, we have a few favorite sites that we suggest. We think these sites usually offer the best prices available… — If you are unsure (or don’t care) which cruise line you sail on, then Kayak is usually your best bet for finding low fares. Kayak searches dozens of travel sites to find the lowest rates. We’ve found rates for inside staterooms that are discounted anywhere from $10 to $50 less than the line’s own website.

Now, it is a little difficult to search specifically for cruises from Galveston or Houston on Kayak. The initial search screen doesn’t allow you to select a departure port. However, once you search, you can click on “More Filters” at the bottom of the left-hand toolbar to select the port you want to sail from.

Online Discounters — Selling discounted cruises is big business. There are a number of retailers like and that offer deals.

Often you will see their advertisements around the Internet, usually offering enormous discounts of 80% or more off retail prices. Keep in mind that those sort of discounts are very rare — you can’t usually expect that big of a discount. However, if you keep your expectations in check, you can find some good deals here.

Cruise Line Websites — We’ve already told you that you can find cheaper fares from Galveston on sites like Kayak. So why would we suggest you check out the line’s own website?

Well, the websites of the actual cruise lines offer their full schedules and pricing, along with an ability to book online. We find that searching here can give you a better idea of the pricing if you are flexible with your dates.

For example, Kayak lets you search by month, but the cruise line sites will let you see all of their departures leaving a certain port. So you can judge how expensive it is to sail anytime from January to December.

One more reason to book from a line’s website, even if it might be a few bucks more — there is no middle man if you book directly with them. Should you run into an issue with your reservation or even want to get a refund, it is easier being able to work directly with the company.

But finding the best price is just the first step in getting a great deal. In our next section, we’ll tell you the best time to book… and how you might qualify for some significant discounts off you fare.

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