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Buying Guide: Save Hundreds of Dollars with Galveston Cruise Discounts

Once you’ve found your cruise and have an ultra-low price, there is one more thing you can do to get an even better deal — go on the hunt for discounts.

Fortunately, you usually don’t have to hunt very hard.

Cruise lines will typically offer discounts right up front when you book. Common discounts are for active-duty military, active-duty police officers or firefighters, and passengers 55 years or older.

You won’t get a half-off fare with these discounts, but they can save a few bucks. And given that you don’t even have to do anything other than check a box on the website to take advantage, they are well worth the time.

Before you book, it’s also worthwhile to check in with the online discount cruise sellers. These companies will sometimes have discounts or offers of onboard credit that the cruise lines don’t offer themselves.

If you’re a member of AAA, you may be eligible for discounted rates too.

One more tip — look for coupon books for your city or region. You might have heard of the annual Entertainment Book. This book is filled with hundreds of coupons for cities all around the country. But there are also national coupons in each edition for things like car rental, hotels, and yes, cruises.

In our version we’ve found coupons for hundreds of dollars in rebates, and more coupons for hundreds of dollars in onboard credit. These coupon books usually cost about $20 or $30, but they can quickly pay for themselves with savings.

Keep in mind the most important thing, however. There is no guarantee that you’ll always get the lowest possible fare on your Galveston or Houston cruise. Rates can change. That’s why many lines offer “low-price guarantees” whereby they will refund the difference if you find a lower price soon after booking.

But more than anything, just remember that a cruise is a vacation. There’s no sense in getting too worked up about getting the lowest possible price if it’s going to ruin the experience.

Galveston Cruise Buying Guide