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Cruise Ship TV Channels

Royal Caribbean TV channelsNo one goes on a cruise to watch TV. That said, sometimes you don’t want to miss your favorite show or the big game. And sometimes it’s nice just to chill out in front of the tube.

We’ve put together a list of the channels available on a recent Royal Caribbean cruise. This channel lineup doesn’t apply to all cruises, but most other lines should be similar.

As you can see below, most of your regular channels you receive at home aren’t available on the ship. That’s because the big broadcast networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX can’t broadcast more than 12 miles offshore.

That means your lineup definitely won’t be the same as home. In fact, the options on board a cruise ship are usually limited.

Here’s what we found on a recent Royal Caribbean cruise from Galveston…

Royal Caribbean TV Channel Listing
(Channels start at 14)

Ch. 14: Royal Caribbean TV1
Ch. 15: Explorations! (Excursion Info)
Ch. 16: TBS
Ch. 17: CNN International
Ch. 18: FOX News
Ch. 19: ESPN International
Ch. 20: English Movies & Info
Ch. 21: The Variety Channel
Ch. 22: Port & Shopping Live!
Ch. 23: Turner Classic Movies
Ch. 24: TNT
Ch. 25: ESPN 2 International
Ch. 26: Port & Shopping Network
Ch. 27: Royal Caribbean TV2
Ch. 28: truTV
Ch. 29: Tooncast
Ch. 30: Adventure Ocean TV
Ch. 31: Channel Guide
Ch. 32: E!
Ch. 33: Spanish Movies & Info
Ch. 34: French Movies & Info
Ch. 35: German Movies & Info
Ch. 36: Italian Movies & Info
Ch. 37: Portuguese Movies & Info
Ch. 38: CNN Espanol
Ch. 39: Cruise Compass (Schedule)
Ch. 40: Ship Camera & Map
Ch. 41: Style
Ch. 42: XY/TV (Music)

Other than traditional TV, the ship television also offers movies to rent (it costs about $13 per film) and the ability to review your account.

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