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Dropping Off/Picking Up Passengers from the Galveston Cruise Terminal

There is nothing more convenient for cruisers than being dropped off or picked up for their cruise. No need to worry about parking or shuttles (or their costs). Simply sit back and be delivered right to the cruise terminal.

Even if you are parking your car, it can still be convenient to drop off passengers and luggage at the terminal before parking. This way, passengers with mobility issues or small kids (with a parent) can be let out right at the terminal.

If you are going to drop passengers off — or pick them up — at the Galveston Cruise Terminal, knowing exactly where to go can make cruise day a little easier.

The drop-off/pick-up entrance for all cruises is located on 22nd Street. If you are coming from the west down Harborside Drive, you will turn left on 22nd into the port. Driving east down Harborside Drive, the entrance is on your right. (You’re in the right place when you see the Fisherman’s Wharf restaurant.)

As you enter the port area, you will see signs for Pier 21, directing you to the left. Take this turn. You then simply follow the road alongside the port until you reach your cruise terminal. Carnival will be at the first terminal you reach, followed by Royal Caribbean and others.

Once you have dropped off luggage/passengers, you will continue down the drive, exiting from the port either at 25th Street (if available) or at 28th Street.
Keep in mind that just like an airport, the cruise terminals are for loading and unloading only. There is no parking here. You’ll want to quickly unload your bags and keep the line moving. There will be porters there to help.


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