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Cabin Tour: Mariner of the Seas

We know that one of the biggest questions about cruising is “What will my cabin be like?”

You’re about to find out.

We just got back from a cruise departing Galveston that included stops in Roatan, Belize City, and Cozumel. Our ship was the Mariner of the Seas, and we stayed in a Large Oceanview Stateroom.

Because we know people want to know all about the cabins, we took plenty of pictures to show you all the features. While this information is specific to the Mariner, other Voyager-class ships (Adventure of the Seas, Explorer of the Seas, Navigator of the Seas, and Voyager of the Seas) will have a very similar cabin.

Let’s start the tour…

Mariner of the Seas, Cabin 6382

This cabin is located on the sixth deck on the starboard (right side) of the ship. It is the furthest aft cabin on the side, so there was an adjoining cabin on one side, but a hallway on the other.

Because of the location, it was a bit of a hike to walk to the elevators. That was a small price to pay for being in a cabin that was out of the way and didn’t have a lot of foot traffic. (Click on any image to see it full size).

Mariner of the Seas Room SignHallway aboard the ship

First Impressions:

For a space of about 180-200 square feet, the cabin was well designed. The cabin included a full closet, bathroom, large vanity, refrigerator, television, a small seating area with couch, and the bed.

Depending on your situation, the beds can be easily separated into two twin-sized beds or pushed together to have a large king-sized bed.

The window offers plenty of light and is pretty large. It makes the room seem even larger and offers a great view.

Overall the cabin is a bit dated. This is not an ultra-modern design like you would see in a swanky Las Vegas hotel. However, it is clean, airy, and comfortable, and is certainly sufficient for a one-week cruise.

View of Mariner of the Seas cabin Scale of stateroom window

The Bathroom:

As you would expect, the bathroom is somewhat cramped. I would estimate it at 5’x4′ or about 20 square feet.

The sink/vanity area includes a small sink with hot and cold water, three mirrors, fluorescent lighting, and small storage behind the mirrors for toiletries.

The toilet is built into the wall. It works on a sort of vacuum system, with a large button that makes a satisfying “whoosh” when you press it.

The shower is a round enclosure with two large sliding doors. We estimate it to be about 2′ round. The shower head is a wand that it attached to a sliding bar. So you can use the wand or attach it to the bar for a more traditional shower head.

Water pressure is great and the water heats up quickly. And yes, the shower gets plenty hot.

One drawback: there is no vent in the bathroom. Smells will linger, and if you take a long shower, you will steam up the cabin.

Mariner of the Seas Bathroom Mariner of the Seas Sink

The Closet:

We find it amazing how much storage can be built into a small room. While we pack lightly, we found plenty of storage for our things.

The main storage is a closet that’s on your right as you walk in the door. It’s floor to ceiling and about 8 square feet.

The closet includes one side with several shelves, nice floor space for bags, and plenty of hangers. There are also bars that can be pulled down to hang more clothes on. You’ll also find life jackets in the closet.

Mariner of the Seas closet Galveston cruise ship closet

The Desk/Vanity:

The built-in desk and vanity dominate a large part of the room, extending floor to ceiling.

The piece has four drawers on either side of the chair, along with three large mirrors. The two mirrors on the sides both open, with storage behind them for makeup or small toiletries.

Mariner of the Seas desk/vanity

The top drawer on the right is home to a built in hair dryer. There are also two electrical plugs located just above the desktop.

cruise hair dryer

On the left-hand side of the vanity are the refrigerator/mini-bar, the television, the safe, and an empty storage cabinet.

The refrigerator comes fully stocked with sodas, water, and snacks. If you don’t want these, you can remove them from the mini-bar (or ask the attendant to do so). Someone checks the mini-bar at the end of the trip. As long as these items are returned by then, you won’t be charged.

Galveston cruise mini-bar cruise mini-bar prices

Above the refrigerator is the television. Ours was a 32″ flatscreen Samsung TV. It is attached to a swing-out bracket that is easily adjusted to wherever you want to watch from. For more on the cruise television, including the channel lineup, visit this page.

cruise ship TV

Above the TV is the in-room safe. This safe is similar to what you might see in Las Vegas. It is attached to the wall and uses a four-digit passcode to open and close.

cruise ship in-room safe

The Bed:

The ship’s beds come in a twin size. Depending on your arrangement, you can have the staff push these together to a king-sized bed or leave them separate.

The beds are definitely firm. While we like a firm mattress, some may find them uncomfortable. Pillows are a bit lumpy. If you are a sensitive sleeper, we recommend bringing your own pillow from home.

On either side of the bed is a nightstand with one drawer and a small storage space below. There is also a lamp on either side of the bed. One switch operates a normal bedside lamp. The other turns on a small spotlight for reading.

Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas bed

The Thermostat:

It might be the most important item in the room for many of you… but we have some bad news.

The thermostat is simple to use. Turn it to the left if you want it colder, turn it to the right for warmer. The bad news? We don’t think it works.

cruise ship thermostat

We found that every evening the temperature around the whole ship would drop, including in the cabin. And that’s even after we cranked the air to as warm as it would go. Our suggestion? Don’t forget to bring a sweater.