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How to Find Free Parking for Your Cruise

If you’re cruising from Galveston, then you’re more than likely driving to the island. And that means having to park your car for a week or more.

The cost? The Port of Galveston charges $70 to park in their lots during a 7-day trip. Other parking lots in the area offer slightly better rates, but still run $50 or more for a weeklong cruise. That’s cold hard cash that could go toward something much more fun on your vacation instead of parking.

Some people think that they will simply find street parking. Not only is that difficult in the area near the Galveston terminal — most spots have marked parking times or meters — but it can also be risky.

While Galveston is a relatively safe city, leaving any car on a public street unattended for an extended period of time puts it at risk for vandalism.

But there is a way that you can park for free… without having to park on a public street.

The secret? Ask your hotel.

Galveston is a town built on tourism. And that means most businesses bend over backwards to attract their dollars.

That’s why many — if not most — hotels on the island will allow you to park in their lots for free during your cruise if you are their guest for as little as one night.

Now, if you planned to simply drive to the port on the day of your cruise, this tip won’t help you much. But if you had already planned to stay in a Galveston hotel the night before, then it can save you $70 or more in parking fees.

And there’s a bonus. Many of the hotels also offer free transportation to and from the terminal.

Free parking and a free ride? You can’t beat it.

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