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It’s Official: Royal Caribbean Bringing Larger Ship to Galveston

The rumors had been swirling, not they are official. Royal Caribbean is bringing the largest cruise ship ever to the Port of Galveston.

If you remember, the port and the cruise line made a deal a few months back — the port would make about $10 million in improvements to Terminal #2 (where Royal Caribbean sails) in return for more sailing dates and a larger ship.

Already Royal Caribbean has decided to keep a ship in Galveston year-round. It used to reposition during the summer, leaving a huge gap in sailing dates. Now you can sail on the Navigator of the Seas any week of the year.

But it’s getting bigger and better…

It has now been announced that in the fall/winter of 2015, the Liberty of the Seas will replace the Navigator in Galveston.

This is huge news (and in more ways than one). Take a look at the comparison of the two ships:


Needless to say, this is a major upgrade for the island. The Liberty will be able to carry about 50% more passengers than the Navigator.

As we said, the Liberty will hit our shores in late 2015, so there is still some time before she gets here. Still, it’s never to early to get excited about the largest ship ever sailing from Galveston!

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