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Just Updated: Galveston Cruise Parking Options

If you’re wondering about your options for parking at the Galveston cruise terminal, we have some good news. We just updated our parking page with this handy chart that shows all the Galveston parking lots, sorted by price, and including their distance from the port.

Keep in mind that rates are subject to change, and you should always contact the lots to confirm prices. Also, the lots more than one block from the terminal all have free shuttles you can use to get to the port and back.

Galveston Cruise Parking Price Chart


2 Responses so far.

  1. Craig Curran says:

    Is this rate per day or is it good for a week? If its a week then it is actually a very good deal. I have been planning to go cruising for so long now. Hope this time it will push through.

  2. Galveston Cruise Tips says:

    The rate is for one-week, if prepaid. Rates are slightly higher if you simply show up and pay for parking. If your trip is shorter, count on parking in Galveston to be between $8-10 per day.

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