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More Parking Now Available for Galveston Cruises

We’ve never had a real problem parking for a cruise. (The key is to reserve ahead of time. Not only does it get you a space, but the rates are cheaper than paying when you drive up.)

However, what we have had a problem with is some of the prices for parking. For example, the Port of Galveston charges $65 for parking in its official lots for a 7-day cruise. That’s the highest rate on the island.

Hopefully, there is some relief coming soon. EZ Cruise Parking just announced that it has expanded its parking lot.

As the company said in a press release:

“EZ Cruise Parking has recently built a new expansion lot, giving us the ability to park several hundred more cars on our Galveston cruise parking campus. The expansion lot is an extension of our existing lot at Santa Fe Place and is one city block long and one block wide. The lot is elevated, drained, well lit, and has surveillance and security.”

As we mentioned, we’re not as excited about additional parking. It never seemed to be a problem to us. What we like is that EZ Cruise Parking charges $55 for parking for a 7-day cruise. These new spots should add pressure to more expensive lots — like those run by the Port of Galveston — to lower their prices to compete. And that’s good for the cruising public.

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