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Name Change for the Carnival Triumph?

A couple of weeks ago, Carnival announced that the Triumph — the ill-fated ship that was stranded in the Gulf of Mexico in February — would have to cancel an additional 10 sailings before it returned to service.

That decision was simply another black-eye on what has been a tough few months for Carnival from a public relations standpoint.

So it begs the question…

Might Carnival decide to rename the Triumph? After all, the ship’s name is now an ironic punchline. It’s very likely that some people wouldn’t want to sail on the same ship that’s been in the headlines, despite most people now saying that the problems experienced weren’t that bad.

This sort of name change wouldn’t be unprecedented. Airlines will change flight numbers after an accident. The Exxon Valdez was renamed after its accident.

Keep in mind that what happened with the Carnival Triumph was nowhere near what happened with the Valdez, nor was there any loss of life.

But in a 24-hour news cycle where any story is beat into the ground, you have to certainly think that the name “Triumph” is troubled. A ship rename may help get people back on board.

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