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New Agreement Means Big (and Bigger) Things from Royal Caribbean in Galveston

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If you’re a Royal Caribbean fan, then you have 10 million reasons to be happy right now. It has just been announced that the cruise line and the Port of Galveston have reached an agreement that will bring dozens more sailing dates, a larger Royal Caribbean ship, and $10 million in port improvements to Galveston.

According to, “the port will invest about $10 million to expand its Cruise Terminal No. 2. Plans include adding about 60,000 square feet to the terminal, bringing it to 150,000 square feet with a seating capacity of about 1,000.”

Cruise Terminal 2 is where Royal Caribbean ports.

In exchange for the improvements, the cruise line has agreed to add 30 sailings in 2014 and 2015, with a ship porting in Galveston year-round. Before 2014, Royal Caribbean’s service had been seasonal.

In addition, the company will bring a larger ship to Galveston when the terminal improvements are completed next year.

The current ship sailing from Galveston — Navigator of the Seas — is a Voyager-class ship measuring 1,021 feet long and carrying 3,100 passengers.

The next step up is a Freedom-class ship. This class of ship measures roughly 1,100 feet long and can carry up to 4,500 passengers. That’s almost a 50% increase in passenger count. In other words, this will be a major move up for Galveston cruisers.

To us, this news is proof of Galveston’s soaring popularity in the cruise world. And we only expect more in the future. With millions of people within a few hours of the port, there’s no reason that it can’t continue to grow as one of the busiest cruise ports in America.

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