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Rideshare Service Get Me Now Picking Up at Houston Airports

When it comes to cruising from Galveston, the biggest headache is getting from the Houston airports to the cruise port on the island. Taxis are expensive, cruise shuttles usually operate on a set schedule, and there simply aren’t many convenient ways to get to Galveston short of driving your own car.

For a time, rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft offered a great solution. Not only did they offer on-demand rides available at any time of day, but they were also much cheaper than other methods of transportation.

It was too good to last, however. Due to disagreements over regulations, both Uber and Lyft pulled out of the Galveston market and Lyft left the Houston market completely.

Now, there is a new service that can get you back and forth between the airport (or other points in Houston) and the cruise port. It’s a rideshare service called Get Me.

Get Me operates similar to other rideshare services that you might be familiar with. They have an app that you download to your phone. When you are ready for a ride, you simply pull up the app and request a ride. Within minutes a driver should arrive, ready to take you wherever you need to go. Once the ride is done, you’ll pay for your ride through the app. No money changes hands with your driver. It’s all handled through the app.

The rideshare company has been operating in the Houston and Galveston markets for months now. However, they were recently awarded permission to pick-up at both Houston airports, making Get Me a viable options for cruise passengers flying into the city.

Estimated rates are actually comparable with taxi rates. The company estimates that will cost between $90-145 for a ride from Houston Hobby to the cruise port, and $145-200 from Houston Intercontinental.

If that’s the case, why bother taking Get Me for your cruise instead of just catching a cab?

First, many people prefer to ride with rideshare companies like Get Me instead of cabs because the experience is better. Rideshare drivers drive their own late-model cars and have to maintain a high review rating from passengers to keep driving. That leads to more satisfied customers than with taxi cabs.

Second, the rideshare companies often offer discounts and coupons that make the rides considerably cheaper. With Get Me you can use the discount code “GCT” when you pay for your ride to receive 50% off your fare. That makes it as little as $45 one-way from Hobby to the cruise port. And keep in mind that rate is for up to four people, not per person.

Update: Get Me is now offering only 15% off rides, using code “GALV”.

If you are flying into Houston and want to try Get Me, you can download the app for iOS and Android before you arrive.

Have you used Get Me to get to the Galveston cruise port? What was your experience like? Let your fellow cruisers know in the comments below.

4 Responses so far.

  1. jana foti says:

    can I arrange a ride before hand ?

  2. Galveston Cruise Tips says:

    I believe you can, but not entirely sure. If you download the app, you should be able to see if there is an option for pre-arranging a ride.

  3. Donna Weiss says:

    What if you need it for five or six people. What will the rate be and can Get Me handle that many people?

  4. Carolee grosvenor says:

    Need a ride from bush international airport to royal Caribbean cruise line in galvaston.sept 3 and then return 10th of September. Please may i have a quote and can i reserve ahead of time. Also for a return trip to airport