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Sky-High Prices This Summer Cruise Season

There’s a golden rule about cruising: The school calendar decides how much you’ll pay for your trip.

When the kids are out of school, expect prices to be much higher than when classes are in session. And looking at the current schedule, it looks like this year passengers should expect to shell out a pretty penny for a summer cruise.

We’ve taken a look at the upcoming schedules for both Carnival and Royal Caribbean. Unlike past years, both cruise lines will have ships sailing from Galveston this summer. This wasn’t always the case.

If you can hurry up and book a cruise before the summer season or wait until after, then you can still find some pretty good deals. But if you want to sail during June, July, or August, then open up that wallet.

For example, the Carnival Triumph runs a regular 5-day cruise from Galveston to Progreso and Cozumel, Mexico. Book this trip right now for a December 1, 2014 trip and it costs only $279 per person for an interior cabin.

But that exact same trip on June 30, 2014 costs $629 per person for an interior cabin — $350 more! Remember also that those rates are per person. With two people sharing a cabin, the price difference adds up to $700. Of course, the price difference is even greater if you upgrade your cabin to an oceanview or balcony room.

The good news? While prices are higher in the summer, there is a good amount of competition. Royal Caribbean and Carnival both sail from Galveston, but don’t forget about Princess and Norwegian sailing from the Bayport Terminal in Houston.

Currently Princess and Norwegian don’t sail summer routes — choosing instead to move their ships for the summer. But as time goes on, we wouldn’t be surprised to see these cruise lines sail from Houston during future summers.

That would put four different cruise lines all sailing during the more expensive summer months, which would hopefully provide enough competition to lower summer fares. Click here to read our buying guide on finding cheap Galveston cruises.

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