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The 10 Cheapest Galveston Cruises for 2016

2016 cheap cruises

In 2016, Galveston will have more than 240 cruises sailing from her port. That’s a record amount of departures, which should get anyone who sails from the island excited.

While Galveston cruising is seeing a record amount of passengers (it’s already the fourth-largest departure point in the United States), it’s also seeing a record number of berths given the number of cruises and bigger ships.

Of course, that means the cruise lines will offer some attractive prices to fill up those rooms. Combine that with sailing during the the cheap seasons for cruises and you can find some unbelievable deals.

With that in mind, we went in search to find the cheapest Galveston cruises available for all of 2016.

Three cruise lines sail from the port — Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Disney — over the course of the year. Of those, Carnival offers the cheapest rates, bar none. That’s not to say that every Carnival cruise is cheaper than competitors, but when it comes to the absolute lowest rates, Carnival wins.

In fact, of the 10 cheapest cruises we found, all of them are on Carnival. We’ve put the results below. This list is sorted by the price per day to compare apples to apples. Shorter cruises will generally be cheaper overall than longer ones.

The rates below represent the price per person for an interior room (This is the no-frills “get your butt on the ship” rate.) Keep in mind these rates can and will change. You can check the latest rates at

2016 cheap cruises list

We know that not everyone is interested in the price per day, however. They want to see the overall cheapest cruises.

Again, Carnival is the clear winner in this category. In particular, their cheap 4 and 5-day trips that sail to Mexico are the absolute cheapest cruises available. For as little as $299 per person you can get on the ship.

2016 cheap cruises list two

Find a better deal for cruising from Galveston in 2016? Let us know in the comments below.

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